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Hi! Welcome to my personal style blog.

My name is Choo Choo (actually it's my childhood nickname). I live with my husband Mike, our darling daughter Olivia, and our two beautiful dogs Mickey and Storm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What is this blog's goal?

I created this blog to explore, track and share my personal style, and while doing so, hopefully cultivate, maintain, and maximize a (relatively) minimalistic, functional, and still budget-friendly wardrobe. I also hope that this little space can provide some everyday outfit inspiration and ideas for those of you stopping by.

How would you label your style blog?

Maybe I have commitment issues, but despite the fact that I'm 5'3, I hesitate to call myself a petite blogger. I love buying sales, but I also buy enough things at regular price, and would be ashamed to label this as a on-budget blog. I don't think there should be rules when it comes to fashion, and I think style is too personal and in-flux to be boxed in. What is important and exciting to me is being able to look at my wardrobe and see possibilities for whatever occasion or dress code comes my way. Short answer: a little bit of everything!

How would you describe your style?

I love classic and feminine clothes, but done in a casual way. A perfect outfit to me is easy, comfortable, but with a little something that is unexpected or special.

Contact: choochooli.blog@gmail.com

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