Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Envy: Oversized Plaid Scarfs (AGAIN) and Ways To Wear

It was this time last year when I posted about these ubiquitous oversized plaid scarfs, and not surprisingly - the trend is even more prevalent this year. Being in Toronto and experiencing our colder-by-the-day weather, I definitely am all for it. While I didn't purchase the exact picks I listed out in my envy post, I did accumulate a few, such as this houndstooth one worn here

Not only are they the coziest accessories you can ask for, they are probably also the most versatile. Simply drape it over your shoulders as a poncho, belted it neatly across your waist as a cape coat, knot it loosely around the neck and let the excess fabric act as a sweater, and not to mention the endless ways the internet is willing to teach you on how to wrap them as a scarf. Alternatively, leave it on a couch as a throw, or bring it with you to a park for a picnic - just think of the possibilities!

And here are some snapshots to illustrate the 3 ways I cannot wait to copy wear these scarfs!

Here are some of my picks:

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