Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Whites and Cutout Oxfords

white leather jacket cutout oxfords 04 white leather jacket cutout oxfords 02 white leather jacket cutout oxfords 10 white cutout oxfords 02
Jacket: Joe Fresh (similar) | Blouse: Costa Blanca
| Jeans: RW&Co | Shoes: Forever 21 (here and on sale!)
| Purse: Joe Fresh | Earrings: Joe Fresh

If I can only wear one colour for an entire summer - I'd go with white. It's clean, crisp, easy, not to mention the fact that white repels light and therefore should keep you cool. A white faux leather jacket is the perfect add-on for a breezy summer afternoon / night, and these white cutout oxfords just scream effortless preppy casual put-together understated and a whole lot of other ones that I will omit because run-on sentences are bad. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Baby: Five Months

The past month (2 months actually, since I've been working on this post for so long that it's almost time to have the Six Month post in a few days!) zoomed by like a flash. There just isn't enough time!

A few wonderful milestones have been reached: rolling over, enjoying solids, sitting for a long period of time, etc.. Her vocal abilities have also been improving quite a bit (giggling, babbling, yelling), making us reach for our phones and cameras constantly in order to record everything. 

Shoes: Converse

Dress: H&M

 MG0_5616: Striped Shirt: H&M | Jeans: Baby Gap

Bib: Nike

Top: Joe Fresh

Top: Old Navy | Bottom: Joe Fresh 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Stripes and Pleated Midi Skirt

stripes and midi skirt 02 stripes and midi skirt 03 stripes and midi skirt 12 stripes and midi skirt 06
Tee: Reitmans (similar) | Skirt: Forever 21 (similar)
| Shoes: Forever 21 (here) | Purse: Fossil (similar)
| Watch: Skagen (similar) | Sunglasses: Joe Fresh

A midi skirt is definitely a trend I'm fully embracing - no longer do I need or want to worry about movement restrictions, especially during outings with an active baby. I love the ladylike vibe this midi skirt gives, and how the heavier fabric and pleating add a modern touch. I paired it with a simple striped tee for a casual look, but I imagine a button-down shirt, a cropped top, or even a soft knit sweater would go just as well. Perhaps even some tights and boots for fall and winter. Can't wait. 

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