Friday, December 20, 2013

Envy: Oversized Pink Coats

There are many reasons why I haven't bought a pink coat yet:

1. Will I look like a piglet? (this was my husband's comment to me when I tried one on last time, see post here)
2. Which shade of pink? There are so many. Pastel looks so good, but hot pink is so cute as well!
3. Which material to go with?
4. If pastel, will it get dirty easily? Will I spill drinks on it like I always do with light-colored clothing?
5. Will pink coat still look good when aged?
6. Will wearing a pink coat look ridiculous next year? Or the year after?

Of course there are more questions, and not all of them will have answers unless I actually buy the coat - but I need answers first before I buy! Oh no, infinite loop. (I miss work already!)

For now, I'll just keep on pinning them onto my Pinterest board and continue my pondering.

jcrew pink coat
1 (J.Crew)

zara pastel pink coat
2 (Zara)

topshop pink coat
3 (Topshop)

jcrew pink coat
4 (J.Crew)

eva mendes pink coat
5 (Not sure)

Shop pink coats:

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  1. I love number 4 the J Crew soft pink coat. I want that one so badly.

  2. I definitely noticed a lot of bloggers with pink coats lately. One particular coat I've been seeing most often is the Zara one. I don't think wearing a giant pink coat will be flattering on my body type or skin tone, so I might pass on this trend. Never say never though! I've yet to actually try one on, so I might end up loving it. Who knows..

    Happy holidays!

    1. Exactly,there are so many shades of pink / cut out there, you never know whether one of them will turn out perfect. :) Merry Christmas and thank you so much for the visit!