Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Envy: Gold Metallic Belt

Unlike my previous Envy post, this one is definitely NOT attainable at this moment for me.

I actually tried a few in stores in the past little while, and each time it looked like the belt was cutting into my pregnant belly and was going to end up with some one calling the police on me, disappointing - yes, funny - for sure.

While I am enjoying my baby bump immensely and am not in any rush for it to be over, this is definitely one trend that I'm looking forward to trying out afterwards. On the other hand, will the belt be baby-proof?

Back to the belt: I'm favoring gold for this kind of belt, and I believe simple and streamlined (for example Black and White) outfits will work the best with them. Here are some pairings from which I will most likely end up drawing references.






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