Sunday, November 3, 2013

Blue Striped Sweater and Leopard Print Shirt

blue striped sweater 007 blue striped sweater 005 blue striped sweater 001 blue striped sweater 002 blue striped sweater 003 blue striped sweater 006
Sweater: J.Crew (here) | Shirt: J.Crew (similar) | Pants: Old Navy Maternity (here)
Bag: Locale | Shoes: Winners | Earrings: Old Navy
| Watch: Michael Kors (here) | Bracelet: Gift

I was not trying to be modest by wearing my leopard print button down shirt in such a small dosage, I really had no choice since I can no longer button the shirt all the way around the belly.

I've now officially entered my 3rd trimester, how time flies! I'm happy and thankful that I can still find tops such as this sweater to wear, and hopefully can keep this no-buying-maternity-tops trend going until the end. Whether some of the tops will be too stretched out to wear afterwards - we'll deal with that problem later.