Thursday, November 21, 2013

Envy: Oversized Plaid Scarfs

I've developed a serious case of plaid scarf envy lately!  Specifically - those that are oversized, thick, cozy, and with classic and muted colours.

It also doesn't help that Pinterest has them all over the place.  Here are a few pins I added to my already-exploding "Cozy Fall and Winter" board

Whenever I find myself eyeing a trend, I tend to let it brew overtime to see whether it's something I'm genuinely interested in, or whether it's a temporary obsession that fizzles after a few days. When I was younger, I often made mistakes where I took them too seriously, acted too fast, and bought them too soon, resulting in shameful regret and obviously thinner wallets. Slowly I learned to let my cell phone cameras / Pinterest / Instagram / right-click-and-save-as-image methods help me. Now I'm adding these posts as another way to "think" about them. More help the better right? 

How do you deal with your wants and obsessions?

plaid scarf

checked scarf

zara two-sided plaid scarf

plaid oversized scarf

oversized checked scarf

Here are some of them: